The History Behind Astara Skin Care


Sunny Griffin moved to Telluride, Colorado, where she met Elmyra Starr. Both girls were interested in eating as much food as possible in its raw form to maintain the enzymes and healing powers of the food. Both girls studied with noted doctor, Gabriel Cousens, who has written many books on the restorative powers of raw food.
After a very short time living at 9000 feet altitude in Telluride, Sunny found her skin so dry that she was unable to sleep through the night, regardless of how much product she applied to her extremely dry skin. Elmyra was working with a Botanical Chemist developing a skin care line using botanicals in their raw, uncooked form, and gave Sunny some products to try. Within 2 weeks time these new products were able to deeply hydrate Sunny’s skin to the point where she no longer had to get up in the middle of the night to apply more moisturizer.


They sampled their products to friends and stores around Telluride, Colorado, and the Beauty Editor of the New York Times heard about them and wrote an article for the Sunday Magazine section of the New York Times in March saying: “I could be witnessing the birth of a cult cosmetic. Key ingredients were already in place: myth of creation, charismatic leaders and fervent followers”.
Elmyra and Sunny, a perfect pair, launch Astara Skin Care into the market in July 1997.  The Boulders in Arizona, The Vail Cascade Club in Vail, Colorado, C.O. Bigelow in New York City, and the newly formed Bliss Catalogue are a few of Astara’s first customers.  There were 11 SKUs:
Botanical Cleansing Gele
Daily Refining Scrub
AHA Nutrient Toning Essence
Microcluster Antioxidant Infusion
Antioxidant Rich Moisturizer
Antioxidant Light Moisturizer
Blue Flame Purification Mask
Violet Flame Enzyme Mask
Golden Flame Hydration Mask
Antioxidant Body Lotion
Antioxidant Supplements

Beauty Editors immediately fell in love with the revolutionary new Astara products and wrote about them monthly. Astara products were featured in hundreds of articles in every publication from Allure to Vogue.


In response to customer requests for a gentler enzyme mask, Astara adds a new mask to the line introducing the Green Papaya Nutrient Mask.
Allure Magazine chooses Daily Refining Scrub as the “Editors Favorite” product of the month.


The Microcluster Antioxidant Infusion and Antioxidant Supplements are replaced with three new products:
Activated Antioxidant Infusion
Activated Sea Mineral Mask
Botanical Eye Treatment 


Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy opened saying “We believe that personal health is connected to environmental health. Our shelves are stocked with the highest quality brands available. ” Astara was added to each store as it opened – eight in the first two years and 23 today.
Rosie O’Donnell published a full page photo of herself in her magazine, “Rosie”, wearing three Astara masks and said: “My face was as smooth as a baby’s butt.”
Supermodels, Iman and Lauren Hutton, start ordering Astara products.


Daily Candy published an article saying: “ Do like the Beauty Editors do: Astara Blue Flame Purifying Mask ….. killing the most stubborn blemish”. Blue Flame Mask was sold out for 3 months in New York City and surrounding area.


New spa accounts are opening across America and The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and Haven Spa, in Rhinebeck, NY, come on board. (The daughter of President Clinton had her bridesmaid’s day at Haven Spa in 2011 and gave Astara Bridal Bliss Kits to all her bridesmaids.)


A new moisturizer is introduced ultimately replacing the Antioxidant Rich Moisturizer.
Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer
Spas as well as Beauty Editors loved the new moisturizer and one editor wrote: “This concentrated cream is a splurge but the bliss it induces is priceless.”
Exhale Spas opened in New York City saying; “We live and breathe the ying and the yang, believing that when energy shifts, transformation results.” Exhale put Astara in spas in New York City, Boston, L.A., Dallas and Miami.


In response to requests from spa estheticians for professional products, Astara introduces seven new products, two facial and five body:Age Defying Complex
Nourishing Vitamin Mask -Facial
Essential Oil Detox- Body
Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub- Body
Seaweed Rebalancing Wrap- Body
Blue Detox Body Mask – Body
Marine Fango Mask-Body

Hugh Jackman was starring on Broadway and Genre Magazine said “He gets close-up-ready with Astara Golden Flame Mask.”
Charlie Green, tells Elle Magazine if she had a product she could not live without it would be Astara Activated Sea Mineral Mask.


Organic Spa Magazine interviewed Sunny and dubbed Astara “Face Food”.
Daniel Craig came to Telluride Film Festival and bought a full set of Astara products.


Because of the outstanding success of the Blue Flame Purification Mask Astara created a line extension of 4 more products to handle the challenges of oily skin and adult onset acne.
Blue Flame Purifying Gel Cleanser
Blue Flame Purifying Toning Mist
Blue Flame Purifying Treatment
Blue Flame Oil Free Moisturizer 

The first destination spa in 10 years opened in the USA with Astara and the saying: “Embrace the philosophy of “awakening” at The Lodge at Woodloch”. Astara developed the “Awakening the Senses” facial for them. The facial was written up in Forbes Magazine .
Liv Tyler says in InStyle magazine that she uses the Blue Flame Purification Mask.


Body products were becoming very popular so Astara introduced a full line of bath and body products for retail.
Spirulina & Sea Mineral Soak
Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash
Aroma Nutrient Face and Body Oil
Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Liv Tyler says, in an interview in Lucky Magazine, that she is “crazy about Blue Flame Purification Mask”.
Organic Spa Magazine does a feature on the Astara “Awakening the Senses” Facial at The Lodge at Woodloch.


Chicago Health and Wellness Magazine writes a 2 page article on Astara titled: “Natural and Nothing Short of Amazing.”


Lucky Magazine calls Green Papaya Nutrient Mask “Our Obsession”.


Tina Fey on the cover of InStyle Magazine and states that Astara Daily Refining Scrub is part of her beauty regimen.


Tina Fey is in People Magazine endorsing Daily Refining Scrub.
Astara Skin Care featured in Better Homes and Gardens.
Astara products are introduced into China.