“This is Jorge who works with Richard Dean (celebrity make-up artist) at 30 Rock.  I was a fan of Astara before Richard re-introduced me to it on the show. Your products are amazing and I now can’t live without a few of them in my daily routine. One of my favorite moments this Season was when I turned Salma Hayek onto your line and told her that they were so pure you could eat them. She proceeded to scoop some moisturizer into her mouth! Thankfully your products are as I said and she was able to continue her day with us and for that I THANK YOU!”
Jenn Jorge Nelson, Make- Up Dept Head 30 ROCK

“Thank you so much for developing such wonderful skin care products.I live in the Canadian Arctic, one of the driest places on earth, and the Golden Flame Hydration Mask I just received in the mail is truly a revelation.”
Kathleen Lippa

“My skin is on the oily side, and the Astara products balance my skin, too. I’ve always used the Blue Flame Mask once a week for deep cleaning, and now I’ve added the Green Papaya Mask on another day. My skin has become so smooth that I only need very small amounts of the creams.”

“I love the Astara gel mask – all your products smell and feel so good!”
Janine Sugawara

“I received the Astara Intro Travel Kit a couple of days ago and have used it twice a day since — I’m in love! My pores have never been so invisible and my skin feels revv’ed up.”
Patty Brosmer

“My Scrub came today..I went straight to the bathroom to try it out. WOW. I really love how clean and soft my face felt..kind of glowy, and the smell is gorgeous!”
Amber Gifford

“Everything is absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t as familiar with your line before and I’ve had clients comment on the light moisturizer, it melts into the skin so beautifully, it’s amazing and the scent is so invigorating!  People love it! and ask what is that all the time? It smells so good, the texture is amazing, I showed my stylist friend who asked me for skin moisturizer, and she was very impressed, I said check out how amazing the texture of this is and how it melts into your skin.  She said “WOW” that feels amazing!
The botanical cleansing gel texture is so lovely and again, the orange like scent is lovely.  Everyone I use your body moisturizer on LOVES it, it is so thick and hydrating, my only little complaint is that I couldn’t get the very last drop, as a bit gets lost in the pump : (
I’ve always been a fan of the masks of course, and honestly, the entire line is awesome.”


“I received a mini-facial with Astara products at the Spa Day at the Pharmaca in Napa on Saturday, May 10…I so enjoyed talking with Sunny and learned so much from her! My skin felt SO excellent afterwards and for the rest of the day, better than it’s ever felt after a facial. I was really impressed by her knowledge and the caring, interested way she spent so much time with me! And her vibrant skin and energy speaks for itself. I was even more happily surprised when I went to your web site and learned about her fascinating career. You have really inspired me. I know now from my first-hand experience and also all the information on your web site that your products are the real deal! Thank you again for an illuminating experience.”
Amy Gallaher

“I received everything last night and am IN HEAVEN! So far, I love, love, LOVE everything! The new Seaweed Body Wash is delicious – amazing lather and SO clean feeling. The Toning Mist is perfect for the hot humid NYC weather we are having. And the Gele – amazing product – took off all of my makeup without heavy scrubbing.The Antioxidant Infusion is wonderful and I love the scent and texture (and it makes me sleep easier knowing I have slathered my skin in so many anti-oxidants). That is enough for a nightly moisturizer, right? AND THE BODY LOTION — I have been searching for a body lotion that is an anti-ager that is still just as luxurious as a regular one – and I have finally found one- it’s truly wonderful. I am a true Astara follower, overnight.”
(and a few weeks later from the same person:)
“I want to thank you for transforming my skin – after a few weeks of using Astara, I have noticed a complete difference in tone, pore size and overall health. I am so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The products are truly enjoyable and amazing!”


“I was in Rosemary Beach Florida recently on vacation and stopped in to Pish Posh Patchouli’s.  I told the salesperson I was interested in a facial mask and she directed me to your line of products which I had not heard of before. I bought the Blue Flame, Violet Flame, and Green Papaya trio and fell in love.  After a stressful day of traveling with two kids and then another day in the sun, I was ready for the restorative power of a mask.  What a treat!  I even made my husband try it and his skin felt fabulous afterwards.I was lucky enough to bring home some small product samples which have kept me hooked.  I especially love the Activated Antioxidant Infusion.  I’m not sure what’s in it but I know it work wonders on my skin.
I am a 38-year-old mom of two who has worn sunscreen daily since I was 15 so I know a bit about taking care of my skin.  I just wanted you to know I love your line of products and I can’t wait to try more of them.  I also want to add that I think the price point is just right.  Most women would spend a fortune (and do!) to use quality face care.  Astara is not cheap but it is affordable and the quality is unsurpassed.”

Christiana Roussel, Mountain Brook, Alabama

Just wanted to thank you so much for making such wonderful products. I am 60 years old and my face hasn’t looked this great in a long time. One of the men at work asked me if I was getting Botox or something. I was thrilled. I have told my friend about Astara and she has ordered and I tell everyone I know about it. Thanks again! I will be a customer for life!”
Diane Boecke

“Just came back from The Standard in Miami where Astara is flying off the shelves like it’s free! Wow! Thought you might want to know…they love the line and Sunny.”
Melisse Gelula
Spa Beauty Editor
Luxury SpaFinder Magazine 

“Dear Astara, I have been using two of your products (Activated Antioxidant Infusion and Antioxidant Rich Moisturizer) together faithfully for seven years now. I credit them for helping me appear fully ten to fifteen years younger than I am, judging from comments from much younger women. Even my dermatologist was impressed.  I can actually see the difference if I stop using your products, because I do run out occasionally. But I have learned that there are no valid substitutes – not even here in France where I live! Thank you so much for these excellent products that go a long way to taking the sting out of ageing!”
Constance Konold

“Thank you again for the products! I recommended the following two products to Elle Magazine’s Beauty Editor for their Best of 2006 Organic/Natural Skin Care Issue! This article will be featured in Elle’s first annual Green Issue (May 2007) I rated Astara as follows:
Best Face Mask:
Astara’s Golden Flame: One of the best masks ever created! Aloe Vera Gel and Cucumber Extract are excellent to bring down puffiness and Sodium Hyaluronate is a wonderful humectant!
Astara’s Blue Flame: Why? Great for blemishes. I love the smell!

Red Zoe – esthetician NYC

“I have been using your products for the past few days and I must say I can truly feel a difference.  I may not look any different yet, but I sure do have smmoooooth skin!  And I don’t smell too bad either!!”
Penelope Valentine, by email

“We all love the masks and the Activated Antioxidant Infusion.”
Nicole Mandell, Director of Sales, Bliss Out   NYC

“Out of all the skin care lines we have tried and sampled since we opened our store, the Astara line received the most consistent compliments from our cast!! Everybody loved the products, especially the Scrub and all the masks.”
Heather Johnson, Sephora University Village, Seattle, WA

“You saved me! In this 16 degree weather, Astara is the only thing that gets this poor, dry skin by – and I notice a big difference with the essential oils. I don’t know what I did before Astara. Thank you so much.”
Dalma Heyn, Beauty Writer – NYC

“I have recently started to use your products, the most recent purchase being the Antioxidant Infusion. I also have a cat from a shelter, who came to live with me with a chronic skin condition. The Infusion made my skin, if not look differently, feel so good from the inside out. I thought why not try some on Elsa the Cat. She can sleep through the night without waking up to gnaw her little sore skin. While it may be a very expensive lotion to place on a cat, when mitigated with the cost of a dermatological veterinarian visit and their lotions, I and she are very happy. Thank you.”
Janessa Klein, by email

“I truly think your Sea Mineral Mask is MAGIC!! I have been using the moisturizers and Antioxident Infusion on myself and it’s very caring as I have extremely sensitive skin.”
C.G., Celebrity Make-up Artist – NYC

“I am so impressed with the Astara products. We began using them less than a year ago at the Spa where I work. I am seeing fabulous results!”
Suzi Veerhoff, by email

“I am in love with the Astara products and find it to be the most amazing skincare line. I have found no other products that work as effectively. I have combination skin. My favorite is the Daily Refining Scrub and the Golden Flame Mask (since I travel so much my skin gets so dehydrated). I would love to try more of the products as well as the ones I have already grown to love!!!”
Yoanna House, Model – NYC

“I have to relay to you the buzz over the Botanical Eye Treatment here in the Call Center. We love it! Daily I have co-workers coming to my desk to tell me how much they love the Botanical Eye Treatment and what great results they are seeing.
I have used many doctor brand eye treatments with all the technology they can squeeze in a bottle and have seen fine results, but with the Astara Botanical Eye Treatment my eyes have never looked better. I can apply it at night and find no puffiness or darkness in the morning! I have never used an eye treatment that works all night long.”

Dennis Griffin, Sephora.com Beauty Advisor

“Astara is my favorite line bar none. Your lovely energy is so evident in your product, that everyone I tell tries it and is hooked. Thanks.”
EL.R., Actress – Brentwood, CA

“Can I just tell you how FABULOUS the Astara line is!! I’ve been playing and loving it. I especially love the Scrub and the Masks. Love the Hydration, Purifying and Mineral ones.”
Joan Almaguer-Brown, Chicago, IL

“I am still loving the effects of many Astara facials of all types on my skin. As a mid-forties mother, my skin seems to benefit from every one of the products. Hormonal breakouts are gone, hydration is fabulous, skin color is luminescent. Thank you – you are the goddess of skin.”
Becca Hensley, Austin, TX

“I have tried your products and find them all absolutely fantastic. With my mid-forties skin, I seem to go from dry to broken out to oily to wrinkled, all in the course of a day. These products (and I am very holistically inclined) really make me feel balance; I can tell they work and make a difference. Bravo to you for creating a really fabulous product.”
By email

“I am a huge fan of your line. When I use your products regularly I really feel and see a major difference. I truly can feel the products have an energy of their own and when they are a part of my daily practice they really help me on my path of good health and well being. Thank you for creating such amazing products!”
Melanie McCloskey, Portland, OR

“I received my products last week and I used the mask and cleanser 3 times. I am amazed at how much better my skin looks! My face has cleared up completely! I used it as a dot treatment over night and it dried up 3 zits completely!!”
Jake Lochman, by email

“I am already addicted to the Astara products and I caught my husband sneaking the facial cleanser last night. When he admitted using them he said that he loved it. This is coming from a surly Cuban man. So that is some great product! Thanks so much!  You are the best!”