Scientific Evidence

Astara Skin Care Products exhibit significant life-force vibrational energy radiation patterns which are absorbed by our skin externally, and by our bodies internally, affect in the repair, regeneration, and long-term maintenance of our skin’s appearance outwardly, and in the health and longevity of our cells inwardly.

Kirlian photography shows that when energy fields of two living organisms or materials come into contact, they resonate with one another. William A. Tiller, Ph.D. of Stanford University, explains this by saying, “each absorbs energy (from each other) via a unique wave field which exhibits certain geometrical frequency and radiation-type characteristics.”  In other words, life affects life in subtle, often unseen ways.

Kirlian Photographs

Activated Antioxidant Infusion

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Radiance Renewal
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Daily Refining Scrub

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Violet Flame Enzyme Mask

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Blue Flame Purification Mask

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Dr. Tiller’s statement suggest that if we, as living human beings, come into contact with an inanimate substance such as a food or skincare product containing a high vibrational energy, that we will resonate with that frequency, and absorb and utilize it’s regenerating and healing capabilities.

While sometimes dismissed by nonscientists as metaphysical manifesto, the pure, indisputable scientific fact is that each atom, each molecule of everything on this planet exhibits a unique, measurable vibrational energy.

Kirlian electrophotography, developed through the early work of Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and finally in the 1930’s by Russian physicist, S.D. Kirlian, is one way of measuring and seeing the life-force energy radiating from a living organism or material.  If a life-force does not exist, there will be no visible radiation coming from the subject being photographed.  On the other hand, the more alive the subject is, the greater will be it’s visible vibrational energy field and it’s capability to affect other life beneficially.