Steamed Lobster Recipe

Are you in pain today? Feeling foolish for not staying out of the sun and forgetting to apply/reapply sunscreen?

Look, I am not mad....just disappointed. I understand, you were intoxicated by the food and the fun. You thought you'd be fine...

But here you are, a fully cooked lobster.

Don't worry, because I care about you and your skin I am going to tell you what products you should get your claws on to help you heal.

First is a product I rarely talk about and I don't know why because it is ah-mazing. It's our Exfoliating Marine Treatment, it has Aloe in it which will help heal and calm your skin from the sun damage!

Another product I suggest is our Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer. Seriously this stuff will take back all the sun rays from yesterday without making you an oily mess! Sun exposure zaps moisture right out of our skin leaving it dull and leathery! Remember, we eat jerky but we don't want to be jerky.

Ok and that's all!

Just kidding!! I would never leave you without a mask suggestion!! You guys know how much I love to mask!

For sun and wind damaged skin I present to you the Golden Flame Hydration Mask!! You guys, this mask I rarely talk about because it goes on so smooth I forget I even have it on! Best part is you can leave it on overnight! It is so lightweight and soothing! It goes on cool so it will be a treat if your skin is hot from a sunburn. Trust me, if you choose only one of these three products I highly suggest this one!

Okay now that really is all! Stay out of the sun my little lobster rolls! 

Until next time, cheers to good sunscreen and good skin!