Makeup Free Mondays

Hey guys and gals and just any and all lovers of makeup! About a month ago I decided to stop wearing foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. I didn't really have a big reason for it other than I just wanted to give my skin a break and to even out my skin tone. The more days that passed the more confidence I gained! My skin was looking more even and I didn't feel the need to hide behind beauty products anymore! 


My skin did break out.....which I was totally expecting and was prepared for! My pores were being treated to fresh air and moisture and began unclogging themselves. It was a detox for my skin so of course I had to go through the toxin release phase. Making healthy changes to your skin might cause breakouts which is normal! What is crazy though was the confidence I gained! A zit popped up on my forehead? Oh well! Oh there is one on my chin? Bummer. I was learning to love my skin for what it was and it was so refreshing! 

Don't get me wrong, I totally live for makeup, I love getting myself all dolled up and experimenting with different looks (which is way I caved and wore a full face of makeup today). But I am also all about being your natural self and letting your skin breathe sometimes! That is why I am purposing that we do a "makeup free Monday" every week, let you skin breathe and gain some confidence while you do it! It is so refreshing physically and mentally! 

That doesn't get you off the hook for not washing your face though! Make sure you still scrub, tone, and moisturize that beautiful skin! 

And just a reminder: You are beautiful with a full face of makeup, minimal makeup, or no makeup at all! :)

Until next time, cheers to good times and good skin!