Horror Motel

Y'ALL where do I even begin?? So long story short on Tuesday night 2 1/2 hours before getting off work I found myself with no place to stay. You're probably thinking "umm what about your apartment??" yeah no, so basically I am pet sitting at various homes around Seattle until the end of August so I let someone use my apartment for the week. Everything was going fine until the couple I am cat sitting for says they don't need me until Wednesday...uh oh. So there I am at my desk frantically looking for hotels in the area that aren't going to cost me my entire life savings, now if you're thinking "yeah right, booking a hotel at the last minute in a big city is never going to be affordable" well, ding ding ding you're right!! 

After about an hour I find a hotel motel for $100...on Aurora Ave N. You know how every city has that one road called a prostitution track? In Seattle that road is Aurora Ave N. Yep you read that right, I stayed in prostitution motel, by myself, for an entire night. Surprisingly it actually wasn't too bad! Aside from not being able to sleep because my imagination led me to think someone was going to break into my room, kidnap me, and use me for sex trafficking....but I lived!

Now that we are all caught up on my wild Tuesday night, lets focus on how I cleansed my skin from the questionable bedding (I only slept on the sheetst....after I checked for bed bugs).

First I took a cotton swab soaked in bleach and cleansed the top layer of skin while I cried...KIDDING!

I started with a fresh face by using an exfoliating face wipe, from there I applied my favorite mask, the Blue Flame Purification Mask (my fav!), after I rinsed that off I moved on to the Blue Flame Purifying Gel Cleanser to really kill the bed bugs, I finished with our Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer to reverse the aging from all the cigarette smoke in my non-smoking room...  -__-

So what did we learn? Don't stay in pay by the hour motels in a red light district BUT if you do, we've got you covered!

Until next time, cheers to the safety of my apartment and bleach