Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter to our little bunnies! I hope y'all are enjoying this beautiful Sunday! A big part of Easter is being outside for egg hunts and drinking at brunch, both of which dry out your skin! So please remember to stay hydrated today! I know I am going to enjoy today because I am going to be stuffing my face before I start my diet tomorrow :). My journey on the Keto diet starts tomorrow as soon as I wake up and I am actually pretty excited. When I moved to Seattle my hormones just went crazy causing me to have weight gain, acne, oily skin, and greasy hair! It has been a nightmare! But many women who experienced the same issues went on this diet and it has changed their lives for the better! I think we often forget that what we eat has a direct impact on our skin! So while I am not telling anyone to go on a diet, I am encouraging you to research negative and positive foods for your skin and try to mix up your diet! You might be crazy surprised by the results! ....Starting tomorrow of course because today is all about stuffing our faces with chocolate bunnies :)

Hoppy Eating!

Until next time, here's to egg hunts and jelly beans