Happy Summer!

Hi guys!! Sorry I have been terrible at writing! Truth be told, I have been going through a breakup and it has taken a toll on me. Enough time has passed where I am able to see that breakups can actually be good for us! You might be thinking "Is this girl delirious?" and probably, I am super tired, but also no! Let me explain. Often times during serious relationships I think we are too focused on taking care of our partner and making sure they're happy that we forget to take care of ourselves. Big mistake! I'll admit I did it, I stopped eating right, working out, drinking enough water, and even stopped taking care of my skin! I am kind of a hot mess right now...don't judge but NASA discovered 3 new planets, all of them located on my face. 

But that changes now...well starting now but over the course of a few weeks.

I have decided to take back my life but we all know what happens when we try to make a drastic life change overnight, we usually end up failing. I have a new idea though, I am going to change one thing week by week until it eventually builds in a great routine I do out of habit!

This weeks challenge is to drink more water! Water cures so many things, especially bad skin! Luckily I got this amazing magical unicorn water bottle for my birthday from no other than the unicorn leader herself, Alexia! She owns the incredible Minx spa in Mesa, AZ. Y'all need to follow Minx on Instragram because she is always having promotions on Astara facials and other services! 

That is all I have for now my unicorns! Drink more water this week and send us a picture of your water bottles!

And for anyone suffering from a broken heart, it gets easier <3

Until next time, cheers to good times and good skin!