Got It From My Mama

Hey guys!! Remember me? Haha sorry for the absence, I have a rough few weeks but I am back and feeling motivated!

So today is Mother's Day!! Yay!

Now, I have gotten a lot of from my mom, however one of things happened to be adult acne (sorry mom!). As I have told you all before, when I was a teenager I had perfect skin, I think I could count all the blemishes I had in my youth on both hands! I had strangers actually come up to me and compliment my skin even though I slept with makeup on for like over 10 years y'all!! To say I was #blessed is an understatement.


When I hit 23 I started to get acne. I got acne on my face, on my chest, on my back...everywhere. It was a nightmare and really took a hit to my confidence. I shouldn't have been so caught off guard though as my mother also never had acne as a teenager either, she was struck with the devil acne stick as an adult too. 

So what did I do?

I cried and panicked


I took action lol. I started getting a strict skincare routine, I made sure to wash my face every night, even if it was just with water on some lazy nights. I started to use our face masks 2-3 times a week, researching ingredients to see what may cause a reaction to my skin. I started using our moisturizers, I started drinking more water, I (very) recently tried lower my sugar intake. It is wild how many things in our environment can cause skin irritation! 

And now I am 25 and I have incredible skin again thanks to Astara products and the skin care knowledge they have taught me! Things didn't turn around overnight but my skin has come a long way.

So while my mom may have given me the gift of adult acne, she also gave me my confidence, a hard work ethic, a "can do and you better not disagree" attitude, and most importantly, a strong sense of self worth that kept my spirits up in even my most embarrassing acne-ridden times. 

(here's me and my lil mom...and I mean lil, she's only 5'3)

Thank you to my mom and to ALL the moms out there! 

Forget it was Mother's Day? Buy her some soothing Astara products so she can treat herself! 

Until next time hot mamas!

Cheers to good times and good skin