Be Our Valentine?

Hellllllo my little love bugs!!

Love is in the air this week and we want to show it! We love love love every single one of you! And we want to show you off!! As much as I love posting selfies for you guys...well I am getting a little sick of seeing my face haha :P

So we want you!! We want to brag about all of our amazing supporters! So how do you get your spotlight on our page? Send us a DM! Send us pictures of you masking! If you have a large following on social media you can even receive free gifts from us! All ages, races, sizes, and genders are welcome and encouraged! Everyone has skin and we want everyone to have GREAT skin! 

If you have reached out already and haven't heard back don't worry! We are working hard to respond to everyone! We notice you and appreciate you!!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, did you know we have an adorable limited time Valentine's Bathtub Set??? Look how cute it is! And its only $69 ;)

Okay my Valentine's until next week! (Where you will see pictures of my boyfriend forced into masking with me :D ) Make good choices moisturizing and exfoliating...duh ;)

Cheers to good times and good skin,